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Time to choose your Santa’s ‘Deer Ones photo

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 20:44
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Family photos, individuals, pets and “In Memory” photos are encouraged

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The Stockton Sentinel announces that it’s time to choose your favorite family photo, pet, or In Memory photo to be included in our Christmas feature, Santa’s ‘Deer Ones.

The Santa’s ‘Deer Ones photo submission form can be found in this issue to help the process run more smoothly for the elves that help put the edition together at the Stockton Sentinel. The option of emailing photos through our website, as well as the regular mail-in letters and drop offs at the offce, will help keep things in a mor orderly fashion for this much-anticipated feature

There are three options available for submitting photo(s) for this year’s ‘Santa’s ‘Deer ones:

1.) Through our website at www.stocktonsentinel.com

2.) Bring into our office; or

3.) Send through the mail.

Through our website: www.stocktonsentinel.com

Our newest option for submitting your ‘Deer Ones this year is logging on to our website at: www.stocktonsentinel.com. You will notice a red/green leaderboard ad just below our Main Photo/Stories. You can click there or you can scroll to the top of the homepage and click “Submit News” where you will find the form by scrolling down to “Santa’s ‘Deer Ones. Here you will also be able to make payment for your ‘Deer Ones photo(s).

Bring your ‘Deer Ones into the office

The submission form for the ‘Deer Ones will be printed in this and future editions, and outlines what information is needed. First of all, the name(s) and age(s) of the ‘Deer Ones should be printed on the lines provided. The remaining lines identify the person(s) submitting the ‘Deer One(s). If desired, you may also include your city and relationship to the ‘Deer Ones. Only the name of those submitting the ‘Deer Ones picture will be listed.

Sending through the mail

‘Deer Ones can be sent to: ‘Deer Ones, c/o Stockton Sentinel, P.O. Box 521, Stockton, KS 67669.

If submitting an “In Memory” ‘Deer One, photo(s) of your loved ones who have passed on that you would like to remember at Christmastime, please submit them with the form, as you would any other ‘Deer One.

Each ‘Deer Ones photo submitted needs a completed form and payment. All ‘Deer Ones submissions MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE or they will not be published. The charges for the pictures are $5.00 per picture with one individual/pet, or $10 per picture with two or more individuals/pets pictured.

PLEASE DO NOT USE stkpaper@ruraltel.net to email ‘Deer Ones pictures! Instead, use our website, bring it into the offce during our regular business hours, or send it through the mail. Remember the absolute deadline is Monday, November 30th.

As always, if you want the photo returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your ‘Deer Ones picture(s).

The Santa’s ‘Deer Ones feature will be published in the Thursday, December 24th issue.

“Dear Santa” letters (from 1st- through fourthgrade Stockton students), will also be a part of this special edition.