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Virgi’s Views On This ‘n That

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 02:04
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* The other weekend I had a Denzel Washington movie marathon and I didn’t even plan for it! It just sort of happened. First, I watched his Oscar winning performance in “Training Day,” followed by the movie remake of “The Magnificent Seven.” Then on that Sunday afternoon, I went to the Nova Theatre and watched “Remember The Titans,” one of my all-time favorite football movies! Also want to add that two more of of my favorite Denzel movies are “Glory” and “Much Ado About Nothing.” Plus, I have to put a plug in for my Russell Crowe and Denzel teaming up for “American Gangster” and “Virtuosity.”

* What was the first album you ever bought? Mine was the Jackson 5’s third album. Songs on it included “I’ll Be There” and “Mama’s Pearl.” Still two of my favorite songs to this day! I still have that album.

* If I was Snow White, the Evil Queen would never have killed me with a poisoned apple. Now if she would bring me some poisoned tacos or a cheeseburger, that would be another story!

* With all this “chill” weather we have had lately, I really do miss the wall furnace I had in my house when I first moved in years ago. That thing could crank out the heat and you could get toasty warm pretty quick by slowly turning around and around when it was on. Plus, I would hold up a blanket in front of it and then wrap my Sadie in it before she got under the covers.

* Who remembers cutting out the black paper silhouettes of presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln during the month of February?

* I have to say this—those commercials about the Perdue chickens and the “sunshiny day” song no matter how happy and cute they appear on TV do not, I repeat, do not bode well for the chickens at the end of the day.

* This is for my sister, Lucy. “Nobody wants to listen to Whitesnake with me, so here I go again on my own.”

* And this one is for Dad because he would have loved it. “Back in my day we didn’t have cup holders in our cars or trucks, we had to hold our beer between our legs and drive.” Miss you more every day.