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56 Years Ago

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 21:30
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* And So They Say: A. L. Pettijohn: “I’m getting meaner all the time and proud of it.” Lee Robinson: “Most of the things I think I know, turn out to not be so.” Lee Phelps: “When we were tearing out that partition in the store the other day, you would have thought the ‘Dirty Thirties’ were back again.” Merton Van Eaton: “I think kids should be given more responsibility so that it won’t come as such a jolt to them when they get older.”

* The footings and cement floor for the addition to the Scout House on the corner of Elm and South Second had been run. The cement block walls were to go up within the next few weeks. A donation gift of $100.00 was given by Mrs. McNulty in memory of her brother, the late O. M. Goodrich, who had died in 1951 and who had served for many years as city manager of Stockton. One of the specifications of the new room was that it had to have a wood burning fireplace on one of the walls. Brick for the purpose was donated by Irvin Wright and Chuck Hageman. The City of Stockton, Frank Kirk and Kenneth Forssberg were helping out with the various phases of the wiring and labor, but more donations were needed to complete the project. Anyone wanting to donate could contact Glenn Conn, Duane Miller or Dick Findeiss.

* Mr. and Mrs. Don Schneider were the parents of a daughter, Donell, born on May 15th at the Hadley Hospital.

* The balcony at Smiths Furniture Store had been made over into a sleep shop and was to be used exclusively for the display of bedroom equipment.

* The wall between what had been the store proper and the prescription department at Phelps Cash Drug Store, had been torn down as the first step of moving the department to the back and enlarging it.

* From The Feminine Slant By The Office Cat: This is National Tavern Month. Judging by what seems to be going on over the country, it would seem that there are many people who don’t need a special month set aside for that purpose.

* Looking Backward Fourteen Years Ago: The town was shocked by the suicide of M.C. Tripp, prominent retired businessman and former mayor. Ill health was the cause of his action. Over 250 children were enrolled in the Vacation Bible Schools being held at three of the Stockton churches. Corky Stice had undergone additional surgery necessitated by injuries received in an automobile accident.

* Showing at the Park Drive-In were the movies “A Yank in Vietnam” starring Marshall Thompson, and “A New Kind Of Love” starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

* On sale at Webster’s Supermarket for those backyard barbeques were a package of hamburger buns for 19¢, a pound of lean and fresh ground beef for 33¢, a large bag of Bestyet potato chips for 39¢, and a carton of Bestyet ice cream for 59¢.