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Grandson of Goodhearts volunteers in New York

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 06:17
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(Clarene and Loren Goodheart sent in the following article about their grandson, who is volunteering in a New York hospital at the present time, giving us a perspective of what is happening in other areas of the country. The Goodhearts state that in talking with him, he has seen and experienced some things which should make us all thankful that we live in a small community.)

Dr. Trent Blackwill has volunteered to work in a hospital in Queens, N.Y. with COVID-19 patients. Trent graduated from Quinter High School, received his bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University, and then went to KU Medical School to get a degree in Anesthesiology. He was then hired at KU as an anesthesiologist where he stayed for three years. Within the last year, he has started studying Pain Management to get certified in that field. During the last three or four months he has been coming to Rooks County Health Center in Plainville to practice pain management. Trent has always

Trent has always loved working with people and worked in the LTC in Quinter while still in high school and had the opportunity to work with the doctors and nurses. He also went on a mission trip with medical staff to Honduras, so it wasn’t a big surprise to learn that he had volunteered to go where he felt there was a real need. Trent was called Wednesday, April 15th about going to Queens, N.Y. to assist on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. He was on the plane the next day, and began working in the hospital on Friday, April 17th.

Trent is in the OR and working directly with COVID-19 patients. He says, “It’s really hard to put into words what is happening in these New York hospitals. The full-time medical staff is completely exhausted and sacrificing so much to care for the infected. Many of them have had the virus and that creates problems for their families. They’ve had little rest or time off for weeks now, so thankfully I can relieve them so they can get some time off.”

The staff does have safety equipment, but it is limited and they use it efficiently. They think that the urgency is tapering off a little, and hopefully, more testing will be available soon and a vaccine will be developed. Trent is living in a

Trent is living in a hotel while he is in New York, and has to use Uber to and from the hospital, which is quite a distance away and is very expensive. They are unable to shower at the hospital, so Trent has to shower and change clothes when he gets back to the hotel and then keep his room free of the virus. He plans to be there for about three weeks, so please keep Trent and all of our healthcare people in your prayers each day.