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Virgi’s Views On This ‘n That

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 19:07
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Who has a pocket full of rocks

And loves puppies and bugs?

Who can wrestle like a champ

But also gives great, big hugs?

Who can’t resist jumping in puddles

And loves to explore?

Who will be celebrating a birthday soon

And will be four, plus one more?

Who leaves behind a trail of dirt

Wherever he goes?

And likes to make snow angels

Whenever it snows?

Who loves to play Mario Kart

And works hard to win each race?

He learns to take his time

And figures out the pace.

Who loves catching butterflies

And then sets them free?

He likes the monarchs the best

And steers clear of the bees!

Who loves his big sister

And his Mommy and Dad?

Who enjoys playing with Drake and Rosie

And is always happy, not sad?

Who makes me so proud

And has courage galore?

Who is strong and brave

And so much more?

Who is my little bit of Heaven,

My miracle from above?

It’s my five-year-old Trent

Who I love, LUV, LoVe!

Happy Fifth Birthday to my one-and-only Trent Avery! Love you and your big sister more than more, Grams!